• Admissions Management

    Manage the entire admissions process from application and interview to offer, registration and payments, all from your computer

  • Student Management

    Staff, teachers, students and parents can securely access our fully integrated system via the Internet, from school or from home.

  • E-learning

    E-learning refers to the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education

Admissions Management

The MIT eNROL™ Admissions Management System (AMS) is an Online Enrolment & Admissions Management System providing all of the tools and automated processes that a college requires to streamline their processes and deliver an excellent customer experience.

eNROL™ provides for online applications, interview scheduling, registration, online payments, & database synchronisation


Student Management

The MIT eNROL™ College Management System (CMS) is a fully integrated CRM, Enquiry Management, Admissions Management, and Student Management System.

This web-enabled and cloud-based solution has been developed to provide schools and colleges with a 21st. century Information Management solution.

Staff, teachers, students and parents can securely access the system via the Internet, from school or from home.



The growth of e-Learning globally is being described as unprecedented and disruptive. Continuing technological developments. mobile devices, and improved bandwidth provision are providing schools and colleges with the real opportunity to deliver learning anywhere, anytime.

With many years experience in the area of eLearning, MIT can assist your school or college to make the transition and deliver 21st. century learning to your students.


Welcome to MIT  Education Solutions

Welcome to MIT Education Solutions

MIT Education Solutions is an Irish owned software development & services company providing administrative & eLearning solutions to schools and colleges in Ireland since 2006.

We currently provide Management Information Systems to over 100 schools in the Further Education & Second Level sectors and have been working in partnership with these schools to develop ‘smart solutions for smart schools’.

From our offices in Dublin, Waterford, & Killarney MIT provide a full suite of training & school support services to our customers.

Our Customers

MIT Education Solutions Customer

As the market leader in Ireland, we have worked with the majority of Further Education colleges & second level schools across Ireland to deliver administrative and e-learning solutions.

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If you have any questions about any of our products, or if you would like a demonstration of how MIT can assist your school or college in creating greater efficiencies and saving you time and money, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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